U.S. Biolabs in Ukraine? (Updated!)

The Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva (http://dilyana.bg/about-me/) has possibly broken the largest story thus far related to the Russia/Ukraine conflict. In her writings, she claims to identify many U.S. Biolabs operating within the borders of Ukraine (http://dilyana.bg/documents-expose-us-biological-experiments-on-allied-soldiers-in-ukraine-and-georgia/).

A website owned by Jesse Santiano M.D. (https://drjessesantiano.com/about-me/) further expands on this story and while the Embassy Ukraine has deleted their website references to the “Biological Threat Reduction Program,” The deleted pages are located in “The Wayback Machine,” however are blocked from view by a “503 error” which ironically may support their importance to these reports https://gab.com/IamTHE3percent/posts/107860785599275446).

A more comprehensive list of alleged worldwide Pentagon-funded Biolabs can be found in this article by Dilyana Gaytandzheiva – http://dilyana.bg/the-pentagon-bio-weapons/


“The Wayback Machine” files are now accessible and you can find the removed biolabs files from the U.S. Embassy site here:
















Have We Had Enough?

From Five Years Ago. Now, Do You Believe Me?

The Road Less Traveled

Obvious to all other than the most disinterested observer is that fact that the “systems” in which we appear to place so much faith are NOT working on any level other than those upper levels that benefit only those upper levels. To continue the belief that “it will be different this time” is tantamount to doing the same thing repeatedly expecting different results, and most of us are familiar with the rest of that old saw. Clearly the evidence is there in massive quantities for those unafraid to see it in its full splendor. Now, having said all that, what may one do?

Firstly, it’s most important that we each come to grips that most (if not all) of what we’ve been “taught” about our “glorious system” is a lie at some level. But, don’t feel too special about it because that level of deception is globally common both presently…

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Shortwave Listening and Ham Radio Emergency Frequencies

Ham Radio Operations and Abbreviations

NOAA is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a government operated administration that sends out broadcasts every five minutes 24/7 relating to hurricane, storm, solar flare, nuclear, and other emergency information.

FEMA is the Federal Emergency Management Association. They are one of the front-line government agencies to respond to any large-scale disaster with medical care, triage, shelter, food, and other forms of humanitarian aid.

(Frequencies in megahertz – MHz)

  • 34.90 – Nationwide National Guard frequency during emergencies
  • 39.46 – Inter-department emergency communications by police
  • 47.42 – Nationwide Red Cross channel during humanitarian aid missions
  • 121.50 – International frequency for aeronautical emergencies
  • 138.225 – Disaster relief channel used by FEMA
  • 154.265 – Used by firemen during emergencies
  • 154.28 – Used by firemen during emergencies
  • 154.295 – Used by firemen during emergencies
  • 155.160 – Used by various agencies during search and rescue operations
  • 155.475 – Emergency communications for police
  • 156.75 – International maritime weather alerts
  • 156.80 – International maritime distress channel. All ships at sea are required to monitor this channel.
  • 162.40 – NOAA
  • 162.425 – NOAA
  • 162.45 – NOAA
  • 162.475 – NOAA
  • 162.50 – NOAA
  • 162.525 – NOAA
  • 162.55 – NOAA
  • 163.275 – NOAA
  • 163.4875 – A National Guard emergency communications frequency
  • 163.5125 – Military National Disaster Preparedness frequency
  • 168.55 – Emergency and disaster frequency used by civilian agencies of the federal government
  • 243.00 – Military aviation emergencies
  • 311.00 – US Air Force flight channel
  • 317.70 – US Coast Guard aviation frequency
  • 317.80 – US Coast Guard aviation frequency
  • 319.40 – US Air Force frequency
  • 340.20 – US Navy aviator frequency
  • 409.625 – Department of State national communications frequency
  • 462.675 – Emergency communications and traveler assistance in General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS)

High Frequency Emergency Nets

There are different tiers of ham radio licenses, and to transmit via high frequency (HF), you are going to need a specialized license. If you have a HF radio, these are some potential stations that you may want to check in on:

High Frequency Emergency Net Abbreviations

ARES – The Amateur Radio Emergency Service. A nationwide group of HAM radio volunteers with specialized training in emergency communications that provides communications services during emergencies.

RACES – Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service. HAM radio volunteers who have registered with RACES to work with their state during various types of disasters. They are only called up after RACES has been activated.

SATERN – Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio. Salvation Army workers with emergency comms and message handling training that help the Salvation Army to coordinate its humanitarian aid efforts during and post-disaster.

(Frequencies in megahertz – MHz)

  • 03.808.0 – Caribbean weather information
  • 03.845.0 – Gulf Coast
  • 03.862.5 – Mississippi Area Traffic
  • 03.865.0 – West Virginia Emergency
  • 03.872.5 – Hurricane information
  • 03.873.0 – West and Central Gulf ARES/Louisiana ARES, Mississippi ARES
  • 03.910.0 – Central Texas Emergency/Mississippi ARES/Louisiana Traffic
  • 03.923.0 – Mississippi ARES, North Carolina ARES
  • 03.925.0 – Central Gulf Coast Hurricane, Louisiana Emergencies
  • 03.927.0 – North Carolina ARES
  • 03.935.0 – Central Gulf Coast Hurricane, Louisiana ARES, Texas ARES, Mississippi ARES, Alabama 


  • 03.940.0 – Southern Florida Emergency
  • 03.944.0 – West Gulf Emergency
  • 03.950.0 – Hurricane Watch/Norther Florida Emergency
  • 03.955.0 – South Texas Emergency
  • 03.960.0 – North East Coast Hurricane
  • 03.965.0 – Alabama Emergency
  • 03.975.0 – Georgia ARES/Texas RACES
  • 03.993.5 – Gulf Coast health and welfare/South Carolina ARES/South Carolina RACES
  • 03.995.0 – Gulf Coast Weather
  • 07.225.0 – Central Gulf Coast Hurricane
  • 07.2332.0 – North Carolina ARES
  • 07.235.0 – Louisiana Emergency/Central Gulf Coast Hurricane
  • 07.240.0 – American Red Cross/US Gulf Coast Disaster/Texas Emergency
  • 07.242.0 – Southern Florida ARES
  • 07.243.0 – Alabama Emergency/South Carolina Emergency
  • 07.247.5 – Northern Florida ARES
  • 07.248.0 – Texas RACES
  • 07.250.0 – Texas Emergency
  • 07.254.0 – Northern Florida Emergency
  • 07.260.0 – Gulf Coast West Hurricane
  • 07.264.0 – Gulf Coast health and welfare
  • 07.265.0 – Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio (SATERN)
  • 07.273.0 – Texas ARES
  • 07.275.0 – Georgia ARES
  • 07.280.0 – Louisiana Emergency
  • 07.285.0 – West Gulf ARES (day)/Louisiana ARES (day)/Mississippi ARES/Texas ARES
  • 07.290.0 – Central Gulf Coast Hurricane, Gulf Coast Weather/Louisiana ARES/Texas ARES/Mississippi ARES
  • 14.222.0 – Health and Welfare
  • 14.245.0 – Health and Welfare
  • 14.265.0 – SATERN
  • 14.268.0 – Amateur Radio Readiness Group
  • 14.303.0 – International Assistance and Traffic
  • 14.316.0 – Health and Welfare
  • 14.320.0 – Health and Welfare
  • 14.325.0 – Hurricane Watch
  • 21.310.0 – Health and Welfare (Spanish)
  • 28.450.0 – Health and Welfare (Spanish)

    Maritime US VHF Channels

If you are near the coast or oceangoing, these are a few of the frequencies that you may want to keep handy.

Ch           Ship Xmit MHz        Ship Receive MHz                  Use

 06              156.300                         156.300                 Inter-ship Safety
 13              156.650                         156.650                 Inter-ship navigation safety
 16              156.800                         156.800                 International Distress & Calling     

My Veteran’s Day

Of course today was Veteran’s Day for those of us here in the U.S. The Veteran’s Administration had notified me of all the places that had special offerings for Vets so I decided to avail myself of a few carry out options.

My first stop was Red Lobster. The staff and the process there were quite good and I left with their Crab-Stuffed Shrimp Rangoon appetizer. Next stop – Applebee’s. Unfortunately, this was a bad experience.

As I arrived I noticed that the seating staff at the entrance was engaged in chatter with a couple of fellow employees. So, I waited…and waited…and waited until finally another customer called out, “You have a customer!”

Now, you’d think that would spur some action, but the only action consisted of a glance and a resumption of conversation. After a short time, the “greeter” offered me their special V-Day menu.

I looked it over and decided on an item. Then I stood there…..and stood there…and stood there. Yes, they had resumed conversing among themselves to the exclusion of anyone or anything else. Then…you guessed it, that same customer called out, “He’s ready to order!”

Then the greeter casually looked at me and directed me to the bar where about 5-7 employees were standing, telling me that one of them would take my order. So, I walked to the bar.

Once there, I noticed those 5-7 employees were also chatting among themselves . . . and chatting . . . and chatting. On several occasions one of them would look up at me standing there with the menu in my hand then look away and resume her conversation. Another one just stared at me for 10-15 seconds then again began “beating her gums.”

I’m a mostly patient fellow, but that treatment was beyond the pale so I turned, balled up the menu, walked toward the entrance, tossed the menu at the “Greeter” (who was still in aimless conversation with the two other staff) and told her in passing, “You need to get your heads and asses wired” and kept on walking out the door. Of course, no one followed.

Finally, I went next door to Olive Garden, which was a very different experience. The level of attention was amazing. As I entered there was someone to share greetings and give me a menu, directing me to the right side of the checkout desk so that the staff there could take my order. The energy within the restaurant was exceptionally positive.

The ordering went seamlessly and pleasantly, so much so that I decided to share my positive experience with their manager on duty. The manager came out shortly after my request for an audience and I sang the praises of his staff noting that clearly he was a good leader because the staff always reflects the quality of the leadership.

I also shared my unfortunate experience next door to which he commented that he didn’t know that manager, but he did know from past reports that the manager there was . . . shall we say, “substandard.”

After a short exchange of pleasantries, the manager went about his duties. I was very impressed with his professionalism and friendliness.

What I didn’t realize immediately was that suddenly my selection was put at the head of the ordering process and my order was quickly brought out to me. I accepted the plastic bag and, after exchanging chat with another waiting Vet, I headed out the door, noticing that the bag seemed a bit heavy.

Once I arrived home and brought in the “haul,” I unbagged all the items. I started with the Red Lobster Crab-Stuffed Shrimp Rangoon that was quite good and I highly recommend it. I then opened the Olive Garden Chicken Parmesan and was shocked to find that it was a double order! Plus, underneath that container was another container with a full-sized salad! No wonder the bag felt to weigh 5 pounds!

While I was sincerely grateful for what I can only surmise was the manager’s intent to compensate for my bad experience next door, there’s an even greater Olive Garden experience to share. I was stunned and sobered to find the below in front of the checkout desk.

This really got to me. It’s something that’s always done at Marine Corps Balls and Mess Nights along with a customary solemn toast to those Brothers and Sisters no longer with us, which toast I offered at the table. The restaurant became quiet and the manager and employees all bowed their heads. None of our eyes were dry.

I hope everyone had a good Veteran’s Day.

Semper Fidelis

Added November 12th, 2020 – Olive Garden Responds

“Too Big To Fail” – California Lawmakers Approve Legislation for $21 billion Wildfire Fund

This represents precisely what the Anti-federalist’s feared: a merchantilist government. Mercantilism was the dominant economic theory in Europe throughout the late Renaissance and early modern period (from the 15th-18th century). Mercantilism encouraged many intra-European conflicts and fueled European expansion and imperialism until the 19th century or early 20th century. The policies during this period promoted export of products and limiting imports through tariffs, etc. The mercantilists argued that a large population was a form of wealth, making it possible to create bigger markets and armies, as opposed to the doctrine of physiocracy that predicted that mankind would outgrow its resources.

Henry Clay compounded the felony with “The American System.” Following the War of 1812, Henry Clay propounded what became known as the “American System”. It advocated federally financed internal improvements (primarily roads and canals), a high protective tariff, and cooperation with South American patriots to enhance the American status as a leader in the Western Hemisphere. Clay stated that adoption of his plan would bring the United States “to that height to which God and nature had destined it.”

These two dynamics led directly to the creation of National Banks, which the anti-federalists also decried warning that such a bank would lead to essentially “empire building.” It appears they’ve been correct on all the above counts.

If you want to discover another, huge motivator for the State to “bail out” PG&E look no further than the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) of CalPERS (The California Public Employees’ Retirement System) and you’ll see the depth of their PG&E stock investment. I’m sure they’re not the only one of the 220,000+ CAFRs displaying such investment. This is the “secret” behind “Too Big To Fail.”



The NSA’s Hidden Spy Hubs in Eight U.S. Cities

THE SECRETS ARE hidden behind fortified walls in cities across the United States, inside towering, windowless skyscrapers and fortress-like concrete structures that were built to withstand earthquakes and even nuclear attack. Thousands of people pass by the buildings each day and rarely give them a second glance, because their function is not publicly known. They are an integral part of one of the world’s largest telecommunications networks – and they are also linked to a controversial National Security Agency surveillance program.

Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. In each of these cities, The Intercept has identified an AT&T facility containing networking equipment that transports large quantities of internet traffic across the United States and the world. A body of evidence – including classified NSA documents, public records, and interviews with several former AT&T employees – indicates that the buildings are central to an NSA spying initiative that has for years monitored billions of emails, phone calls, and online chats passing across U.S. territory.

The NSA considers AT&T to be one of its most trusted partners and has lauded the company’s “extreme willingness to help.” It is a collaboration that dates back decades. Little known, however, is that its scope is not restricted to AT&T’s customers. According to the NSA’s documents, it values AT&T not only because it “has access to information that transits the nation,” but also because it maintains unique relationships with other phone and internet providers. The NSA exploits these relationships for surveillance purposes, commandeering AT&T’s massive infrastructure and using it as a platform to covertly tap into communications processed by other companies.

Continue Reading at “The Intercept

Yes, Vaccines Have Caused SIDS And Autism (MUST READ AND SHARE)

Admitting to the “Soft Kill.”


Just a quick post here to share an amazing, published fact with those who may still have doubts about the virtually unlimited disease states deliverable through vaccinations and other injectable, pharmaceutical drugs… you know, the ones on TV commercials that warn of side effects like death, cancers, heart attack, high cholesterol, prion-type disease, etc? But today, we are simply going to look at a rather popular vaccine insert for a vaccine targeted for infants and children under 7 years old only. That vaccine is called Tripedia®, Diphtheria and Tetanus Toxoids and Acellular Pertussis Vaccine Adsorbed (DTaP), (Sanofi Pasteur Inc.). We find the following statement on page 3 of the actual insert, located at the bottom of the page, last paragraph:

TRIPEDIA: Package Insert and Label Information (Page 3 of 4)

“…Adverse events reported during post-approval use of Tripedia vaccine include idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, SIDS, anaphylactic reaction…

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UPDATED – – NRA-ILA | NRA Condemns U.S. Virgin Island Firearm Confiscation Plan



How about knocking off all the pandering rhetoric and challenge them with a “Quo Warranto” and Petition for Injunction?


The National Rifle Association on Tuesday announced its strong opposition to the order signed by U.S. Virgin Islands Governor Kenneth Mapp allowing the government to seize personal firearms and ammunition ahead of Hurricane Irma. The NRA is prepared to engage the legal system to halt the unconstitutional order.

Source: NRA-ILA | NRA Condemns U.S. Virgin Island Firearm Confiscation Plan


A careful reading of section 1522 indicates that it is directed toward commercial activities (the closing of establishments). “to seize arms, ammunition, explosives, incendiary material, and any other property that may be required by the military forces.” (obviously a seizure relative to commercial activities, gun stores, etc.).

“Prohibit the sale, exchange, loan or donation, during the emergency of arms, ammunition, explosives, gasoline, incendiary material or alcoholic beverages, and the closing of any establishment in which any such property is found.” (again, reference to “establishment(s)” ergo commerce).

Nothing in that section appears to be intended to be applied to non-commercial entities.

Cite: Order


23 V.I.C. § 1522 (Copy w/ Cite)
Pages: 2
23 V.I.C. § 1522

Virgin Islands Code Annotated
Copyright © 2017 Office of the Code Revisor, Legislature of the Virgin Islands
All rights reserved.

*** Statutes current through Act 7981 of the 31st Legislature, including all code changes through March 2, 2017 ***

TITLE TWENTY-THREE Internal Security and Public Order
Chapter 19. National Guard
Subchapter I. General Provisions

23 V.I.C. § 1522 (2017)

§ 1522. Authority of Governor for the attachment of articles and to order the closing of establishments

Whenever the Governor orders part or all of the military forces of the Virgin Islands into Territorial Active Military Service under section 1519 he may, by written order–

(1) Direct the Adjutant General or other appropriate authority to seize arms, ammunition, explosives, incendiary material, and any other property that may be required by the military forces.

(2) Prohibit the sale, exchange, loan or donation, during the emergency of arms, ammunition, explosives, gasoline, incendiary material or alcoholic beverages, and the closing of any establishment in which any such property is found.

(3) Declare a curfew, during such periods and with respect to such areas and persons as in his discretion the public safety requires.

(4) Any other powers authorized by law.

Upon termination of the emergency, compensation shall be paid by the Government of the Virgin Islands for the loss, damage, or destruction of any private property taken for Government purposes during the emergency.

HISTORY: –Added Feb. 8, 1973, No. 3363, § 1, Sess. L. 1972, p. 558. (emphasis added)


2017 Year of Jubilee – What’s It Really About?

The following relates the earliest known practice of debt forgiveness, also known as “Jubliee,” and compares/contrasts with later interpretations. This will also bring us forward to present day practices where certain financial “harvesting processes” were adjusted and refined with the idea of “Jubilee” seemingly having been forgotten.

But, was it really forgotten for everyone?

“What most history books fail to mention is that, like other governors of the City-State of Mesopotamia, Hammurabi proclaimed the official cancellation of citizens’ debts owed to the government, high-ranking officials, and dignitaries. The so-called Hammurabi Code is thought to date back to 1762 BC. Its epilogue proclaims that ‘the powerful may not oppress the weak; the law must protect widows and orphans (…) in order to bring justice to the oppressed’. The many ancient documents deciphered from cuneiform script have enabled historians to establish beyond any doubt that four general cancellations took place during Hammurabi’s reign, in 1792, 1780, 1771, and 1762 BC.” (emphasis added) (http://www.cadtm.org/The-Long-Tradition-of-Debt)

However, what one finds biblically appears to make a distinction between people where none seemed to exist earlier. Believed to have been written around 350 years later (1406 BC), one finds within Deuteronomy:

“At the end of every seven-year period you shall have a relaxation of debts, 2 which shall be observed as follows. Every creditor shall relax his claim on what he has loaned his neighbor; he must not press his neighbor, his kinsman, because a relaxation in honor of the LORD has been proclaimed. 3 You may press a foreigner, but you shall relax the claim on your kinsman for what is yours. 4 Nay, more! since the LORD, your God, will bless you abundantly in the land he will give you to occupy as your heritage, there should be no one of you in need. 5 If you but heed the voice of the LORD, your God, and carefully observe all these commandments which I enjoin on you today, 6 you will lend to many nations, and borrow from none; you will rule over many nations, and none will rule over you, since the LORD, your God, will bless you as he promised.” Deuteronomy 15: 1-6 (emphasis added) (https://www.ewtn.com/jubilee/history/OT1.htm)

What this seems to detail is Moses’ apparent invention of a difference between “Jew” (neighbor) and “Gentile” (foreigner).

With this in mind, can one easily see the corruption of Jubilee’s “original intent” and the true nature of our present banking and governmental systems laid bare? Questions remain though:

  1. By what device and for what purposes was that apparent “distinction” between “Neighbor” and “Foreigner” invented?
  2. Does this present day model of debt-forgiveness still exist in certain circles?
  3. Is foreign policy ultimately affected by such history?


4th Amendment Alert!

If you live adjacent to any Washington Metro facilities/infrastructure, it would behoove you to carefully read and understand this section of a recently pass bill.
“31. In performing its duties, the Commission, through its Board or designated employees or agents, may:
“(b) ENTER upon the WMATA Rail System and, upon reasonable notice and a finding by the chief executive officer that a need exists, upon ANY LANDS, WATERS, and PREMISES ADJACENT to the WMATA Rail System, including, WITHOUT LIMITATION, property owned or occupied by the federal government, for the purpose of making INSPECTIONS, INVESTIGATIONS, EXAMINATIONS, and TESTING as the Commission may deem necessary to carry out the purposes of this MSC Compact, and such entry SHALL NOT be deemed a TRESPASS. The Commission shall make reasonable reimbursement for any actual damage resulting to any such adjacent lands, waters, and premises as a result of such activities;”
Now, if you think for a minute that it ONLY refers to federal property, think again. The fact that the phrase “including…property owned or occupied by federal government…” means that federally controlled property is INCLUDED in the general list of properties along with all others.
It actually gets even more interesting here:
“33. In addition to the powers and duties set forth above, the Commission may:
“(b) Adopt, amend, and repeal rules and regulations respecting the EXERCISE of the POWERS CONFERRED by this MSC Compact;”
Which may be interpreted to mean the Commission has the power to expand the previously mentioned ADMINISTRATIVE authorities without further congressional oversight.

Read the bill in its entirety here:

Paola Harris: “The Legacy of Colonel Corso” – Live Stream from Minnesota MUFON


For the Archive, Click here: Paola Harris, “Legacy of Colonel Corso”

Minnesota MUFON Presents: Paola Harris — “The Legacy of Colonel Corso” Saturday April 8, 2017 2-5PM CDT

International photojournalist, researcher and author Paola Harris chronicles her personal relationship and unique insights to Colonel Philip Corso. Colonel Corso was the officer-in-charge of the U.S. Army’s Foreign Technology (read: UFO) desk at the Pentagon during the late 1950’s and 1960s.

Former DIA Colonel: “US strikes on Syria based on a lie”

How much longer will we tolerate these unlawful acts???

Intel Today

“In the coming days the American people will learn that the [US]Intelligence Community knew that Syria did not drop a military chemical weapon on innocent civilians in Idlib.”

Former DIA Colonel Patrick Lang

Former DIA Colonel Patrick Lang

Patrick Lang — a former DIA Colonel — does not mince words about the US attacks on Syria. Lang claims that Donald Trump’s decision to launch cruise missile strikes on a Syrian Air Force Base was based on a lie. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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Common Core Crisis [Part 6] – The Seven Lesson School Teacher

“If I do my job well, the kids can’t even imagine themselves somewhere else because I’ve shown them how to envy and fear the better classes and how to have contempt for the dumb classes. Under this efficient discipline the class mostly polices itself into good marching order. That’s the real lesson of any rigged competition like school. You come to know your place.”


conformity2TheBreakaway | BreakawayConciousness
Zy Marquiez
March 20, 2017

Continuing on our series in which we are taking an increasingly widening glance into the true nature of public schooling, what follows will be a snippet of the information covered in Dumbing Us Down – The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling by John Taylor Gatto.

Gatto has come out speaking at length about many of the pervasive and troubling issues that young [and future] generations have to contend with, and the information which proceeds will shed light into how this has come to be.

Within the curriculum of public schooling, Gatto states the following lessons are “universally taught from Harlem to Hollywood Hills  They constitute a national curriculum you pay for in more ways than you can imagine, so you might as well know what it is.”[1]

Gatto, in his own words states public schooling teaches:

#1: Confusion[2]

Throughout his…

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Vault 7 and The Death of Michael Hastings?

Journalist Michael Hasting died in the early morning June 18, 2013 when his Mercedes C250 mysteriously went out of control and crashed into a palm tree bursting into flames after having been seen traveling at a very high rate of speed on a residential street.

Immediately after, WikiLeaks released two messages on Twitter that added fuel to the fire:

“Michael Hastings’ death has a very serious non-public complication. We will have more details later,” said the first. Two hours later, WikiLeaks tweeted more specific information:

“Michael Hastings contacted WikiLeaks lawyer Jennifer Robinson just a few hours before he died, saying that the FBI was investigating him,” the second message read.

It was speculated by others that Hastings was working on a story about Drone Surveillance in the U.S.

Three years into the disappearance of Bowe Bergdahl in Afghanistan, Michael Hastings — the journalist whose reporting cost General Stanley McChrystal his job — wrote a Rolling Stone story on the missing soldier, a piece which the magazine called “the definitive first account of Bowe Bergdahl.”

Today, it’s noted in the WikiLeaks data dump: “As of October 2014 the CIA was also looking at infecting the vehicle control systems used by modern cars and trucks. The purpose of such control is not specified, but it would permit the CIA to engage in nearly undetectable assassinations.” The phrasing “as of October 2014” does not preclude the earlier existence of such an ability.

Is it possible, as some have speculated, that the electronic systems on Hasting’s C250 had been “hijacked?” This WikiLeaks release does nothing to refute that contention.

Read more at: https://wikileaks.org/ciav7p1/

(Updated!) Control of Communicable Diseases A Proposed Rule by the Health and Human Services Department on 08/15/2016

Here’s a perfect example of a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and request for public comment as required under The Administrative Procedures Act. This one has a 2 month comment period. Beyond the fact that is a legal requirement for the agency to publish this solicitation for public comment, is it important to us?

It’s hugely important! Firstly, it makes for a permanent public record of the submitted comments, which the agency is required to consider and address in its final rule, and secondly, the proper issuance of comment gives the commenter legal standing to challenge the final rule with an action for injunctive relief against its implementation. Without this comment, it is likely that any attempt at such action would be summarily dismissed for a lack of standing by the petitioner.

As one will see, submitting a proper comment is a significant investment of time, not to mention the necessary effort and insight to “decode” the actual meanings of the proposed rules, and this is one of the ways we as “The People” are simply overwhelmed by this occupying monster we call government.

I’ve highlighted just some of the areas of interest and potential targets of comment. Some are more important than others, but they’re all important. I’m afraid you’ll have to search and read the complete areas highlighted for a complete understanding of the section in question. The entire posting is found at the hyperlink below. (‘Ctrl F’ is your friend)


“HHS/CDC requests public comment concerning the expected apprehension period (no longer than 72 hours), and whether there are any public concerns with the absence of a specific maximum apprehension period in the regulation.”

“Electronic or Internet-Based Monitoring”

“HHS/CDC specifically solicits comment regarding whether this proposed definition is sufficiently broad to apply to any new or existing technologies that would allow for the public health supervision and monitoring of an individual under a conditional release order. HHS/CDC also solicits comment regarding whether the proposed definition raises any privacy implications for an individual who is reasonably believed to be infected with a quarantinable communicable disease and who is subject to a conditional release order.”


“CDC specifically requests public comment on whether the use of this standard definition is an appropriate threshold to determine whether an individual cannot afford representation and therefore should be appointed a medical representative at the government’s expense.”


“HHS/CDC specifically requests comment concerning this definition including whether the definition aligns with common perceptions of what constitutes non-invasive procedures that may be conducted outside of a traditional clinical setting.”

“Public Health Emergency”

“HHS/CDC specifically requests public comment on this definition and its utility in identifying communicable diseases that ‘would be likely to cause a public health emergency if transmitted to other individuals’ under 42 U.S.C. 264(d)(2)(B).”

“Reasonably Believed To Be Infected, as Applied to Individuals”

“HHS/CDC specifically solicits public comment regarding this definition, in particular, whether the definition aligns with established public health practice regarding the handling of individuals exposed to or infected with communicable diseases.”

“2. § 70.5 Requirements Relating to Travelers Under a Federal Order of Isolation, Quarantine, or Conditional Release”

(IMPORTANT) “HHS/CDC recognizes that the right to engage in travel within the United States is a privilege of national citizenship protected by the Privileges and Immunities Clause of the U.S. Constitution, as well as an aspect of liberty protected by the Due Process Clauses of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments. See Jones v. Helms, 452 U.S. 412, 418 (1981). However, this right is not unqualified and travel restrictions based on the threat posed by communicable diseases are valid. See Zemel v. Rusk, 381 U.S. 1, 15-16 (1965) (“The right to travel within the United States is of course also constitutionally protected . . . [b]ut that freedom does not mean that areas ravaged by flood, fire or pestilence cannot be quarantined when it can be demonstrated that unlimited travel to the area would directly and materially interfere with the safety and welfare of the area or the Nation as a whole.”). Furthermore, HHS/CDC will afford individuals subject to these travel restrictions with adequate due process through the previously mentioned written appeals process.”(IMPORTANT)

“CDC specifically requests public comment on this provision. In particular, HHS/CDC requests comment on whether stakeholders have concerns regarding the requirement imposed on conveyance operators to not “knowingly” transport individuals under a Federal order and the feasibility of this requirement. HHS/CDC also requests public comment on the application of this provision to individuals under state/local order as well as individuals traveling entirely within a state.”

“4. § 70.10 Public Health Prevention Measures To Detect Communicable Disease”

“HHS/CDC specifically requests public comment on this proposed provision and whether the public has any concerns regarding the mandatory health screening of passengers using non-invasive means as defined in this proposed rule.”

“HHS/CDC specifically requests public comment on this proposed provision to collect additional personal information from screened individuals for the purposes of contact tracing.”

“7. § 70.13 Payment for Care and Treatment”

(IMPORTANT) “Payment for care and treatment under this section is in the CDC’s sole discretion, subject to the availability of appropriations, and after all third-party payments have been exhausted.” (IMPORTANT- Define “third-party payments??”)

“HHS/CDC specifically requests public comment on this proposed provision and whether there are any concerns regarding the proposal that all third party payments be exhausted prior to the Federal reimbursement of medical care or treatment for individuals placed under a Federal order for quarantine, isolation, or conditional surveillance.”

“8. § 70.14 Requirements Relating to Issuance of a Federal Order for Quarantine, Isolation, or Conditional Release”

” HHS/CDC specifically requests public comment on this proposed provision to issue Federal orders to entire groups rather than individuals.”

” HHS/CDC specifically requests public comment on this proposed provision and whether this provision sufficiently informs the public all of the important details concerning circumstances during which HHS/CDC would issue to groups or individuals Federal orders for quarantine, isolation, and conditional release and the duration and conditions of such orders.”

“9. § 70.15 Mandatory Reassessment of a Federal Order for Quarantine, Isolation, or Conditional Release”

“HHS/CDC specifically requests public comment on this provision—in particular, whether 72 hours is the necessary amount of time to conduct a reassessment after a Federal order is first issued, or if the reassessment should take place earlier or later.”

“10. § 70.16 Medical Review of a Federal Order for Quarantine, Isolation, or Conditional Release”

“HHS/CDC specifically requests public comment on this proposed provision—in particular, whether or not the public sees a role for the Federal government to ensure that basic living conditions, amenities, and standards are satisfactory when placing individuals under Federal orders.”

“HHS/CDC specifically requests public comment on this provision—in particular, whether the public believes that there may be non-indigent individuals, as defined in this NPRM, who may have difficulty affording a representative”

13. § 70.19 Penalties”

“This section clarifies that of the statutory penalties imposed for violation of quarantine regulations (i.e., 42 U.S.C. 271 and 18 U.S.C. 3571), this rule will codify the higher penalty as established in 18 U.S.C. 3571.”

“HHS/CDC specifically requests public comment on this proposed provision—in particular, whether the penalties as proposed in this rule are clearly defined and the circumstances under which such penalties may be imposed.”

. . . and there’s much, much more. Good luck!


“14. § 71.40 Agreements”

(EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!) “CDC may enter into an agreement with an individual, upon such terms as the CDC considers to be reasonably necessary, indicating that the individual consents to any of the public health measures authorized under this part, including quarantine, isolation, conditional release, medical examination, hospitalization, vaccination, and treatment; provided that the individual’s consent shall not be considered as a prerequisite to any exercise of any authority under this part.” (emphasis added)

Control of Communicable Diseases A Proposed Rule by the Health and Human Services Department on 08/15/2016

Submit your comments here: Comments on Proposed Rule

It’s So Simple, But People Continue to Deny It.

Also, it would have been directly convertible at the U.S. Treasury to 172.4 ounces of silver at the 1913 $0.58/ounce rate. People should let that sink in for a minute….

This means not only that the dollar acted as a warehouse certificate (Silver/Gold Certificate) that REQUIRED the U.S. Treasury to exchange on demand for the ACTUAL metal, but also that it significantly limited the government’s ability to PRINT dollars. This acted as an inflation control and encouraged better government.

By the way, at today’s inflated rate, those 172.4 ounces of silver are worth $3397.85 federal reserve notes. Now, let that REALLY sink in:

Then – ~1.75 oz silver = $1.00
Now – ~.06 oz silver = $1.00


A loss of tangible value of 35 times or 97% of its pre-federal reserve value.

If you haven’t noticed, this is directly representative of those “higher prices” we presently experience. But, the “prices” aren’t higher; the intrinsic value of the item priced isn’t greater. The difference is due to the demolished purchasing power of each fiat “dollar.” And, this is the direct result of the Federal Reserve Act and Federal Reserve Bank.

Have you had enough yet?

Have We Had Enough?

The electoral system in which we place so much faith is clearly NOT working to the benefit of the People, yet when confronted with the next election cycle, many of us will believe that “it will be different this time.” Isn’t this tantamount to doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results? Most of us are familiar with the rest of that old saw. The evidence of corruption is present in massive quantities for those unafraid to see it in all its splendor.

Now, having said all that, what may we do?

Firstly, it’s critically important that we each come to grips that most (if not all) of what we’ve been “taught” about our “glorious system” is a lie at some level. We shouldn’t feel too unique of it because that level of deception is historically global.

One must come to grips with this logical conclusion:

We are not exceptional. That’s not to say that the original concept (experiment) wasn’t an exceptional one. Indeed it was! However, it took almost no time for the “undoers” to undo the original structure and begin the insidious process of inserting their same-old system, pushing aside all those enlightened and revolutionary ideas. As it was a gradual process, we’re well down the path since that beginning to the point where we cannot presently claim exceptionalism in any way, shape, or form. An objective review of our political history over the past 150 years will support that conclusion in spades.

Now, what?

Change isn’t affected by marching while carrying signs indicating our displeasure. Those activities are ignored and thus ineffective.

Change isn’t affected by casting votes via pulling levers or punching cards. Those results are gathered and tabulated by demonstrably corrupted systems.

Change is affected by becoming educated then acting clearly and definitively.

Effecting change seems like work, even hard work in some cases; it lacks that “push-the-button-on-the-remote-control” immediate gratification, and here’s the news flash:

There Are No Immediate and Painless Solutions!

So, where does one start?

We begin this journey right in the place where we have the most influence and can realize the most results:


We must become familiar with our neighborhood, our neighbors, their interests, and their concerns. Become involved in town council/county supervisor meetings. Stay abreast of the legal filings in the local newspapers. In short, become educated in the “comings and goings” that have the most direct effects. While certainly not as seemingly grandiose as national politics, the reality is that this local venue is where one has the most influence.

In this local environment, we can see the realities of who endeavors to affect the day-to-day of the vast majority of the people. We can discover the quality of those paraded around during each election cycle and for whom the vote is cast. Following these simple processes addresses the critical failure of casting votes without doing the necessary work to discover the quality of the candidates.

A successful remedy requires the adoption, re-adoption actually, of the paradigm of a bottom-up style of government.

News flash!

This locally-focused “bottom-up style” was our country’s intended form of government. Our founding document gave only narrow authorities to a central, federal entity. Unfortunately, these authorities were systematically expanded over time by those of a more monarchical nature serving to usurp the original form.

In conjunction with all this, it’s critical to become familiar with our founding documents, the framers’ mindsets, the historical influences on both, and the specific delegated and reserved aspects of our system. Including at least access to the judicial decisions relevant to any related issue. (Remember the work involved beyond creating signs and parading them around?). The result of following this process will be the revelation of many things, both past, and present that have changed us, these things out-of-line at every level with those initially limited delegated powers!

Imagine that??

I prefer to call those things the “usurpations,” but one can name these as one wishes. Perhaps the most disturbing thing is that all this occurred in plain view, right under our noses. How? Because the people weren’t paying attention or didn’t have the tools to recognize it for what it was or didn’t care (as sad as that may sound). In any event, the “usurpers,” having discovered that they could act essentially with impunity, continued compounding their felonies because no one stepped up to stop them.

Is it now that people need to step up and stop them? If not now, then when? In any case, it will be our sons, daughters, grandsons, and granddaughters who will want to know both why we let this continue and why we didn’t step up to correct it. Remember, the starting point lies properly right under our feet.

U.S. traders reject GMO crops that lack global approval

“Soybeans, once considered such a simple crop to grow and market, is becoming more complicated,’ ” Bayer said. It called the situation faced by growers ‘downright
confusing.’ ” (Reuters Technology, Tom Polansek and Karl Plume, Fri May 6, 2016 5:23pm EDT)

Confusing may be a mild term. What about “massively destructive?” Rightly or wrongly a vast number of farmers who rely on selling their GMO crops (and most do) may be put completely out of business. It’s not like they can magically turn things around. It takes roughly seven years to rehabilitate the soil in order to become a non-GMO or Organic concern and it’s doubtful many have the deep pockets necessary to make that happen.

So, without being judgemental toward those who were lulled into this trap by a vicious and persuasive industry, how will these potentially bankrupted farmers make an orderly transition?  While the government may provide financial aid to affected farmers, who exactly will cover the shortfall in food? I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to see the dangers looming here.

“Across the U.S. Farm Belt, top grain handlers have banned genetically modified crops that are not approved in all major overseas markets, shaking up a decades-old system that used the world’s biggest exporting country as a launchpad for new seeds from companies like Monsanto Co.

“Bold yellow signs from global trader Bunge Ltd are posted at U.S. grain elevators barring 19 varieties of GMO corn and soybeans that lack approval in important markets.

“CHS Inc, the country’s largest farm cooperative, wants companies to keep seeds with new biotech traits off the market until they have full approval from major foreign buyers, Gary Anderson, a senior vice president for CHS, told Reuters.”

Continue reading the Reuters article here: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-gmo-crops-idUSKCN0XX2AV

MEP Luke Flanagan’s visit to the viewing room for TTIP: A farce

Do NOT scroll past! WATCH! This EU model may give a glimpse into the type of “Global Democratic Governance” that awaits everyone in the wings.

Also, consider the amount of other peoples’ monies that must have been appropriated to build such a sprawling, enclosed complex.

European Parliament MEP Luke Flanagan takes us on an amazing journey down an outrageous rabbit-hole of “democratic privilege.”

“Excuse the quality of the video at times, as it gets a little foggy! Appropriate really for an agreement that is foggy when it comes keeping its contents from the general public. As you will see the process is a farce. Please share.”

UPDATED! The original video disappeared because they removed the poster’s YouTube page, but I located a mirror of it.


Just Exactly What is Mossack Fonseca?

Mossack Fonseca
Information from an Irish Times investigation provides some evidence that Mossack Fonseca may in fact be an off-the-books, deep-cover, “Trojan horse-styled” intelligence gathering operation. And, if it’s not, someone in the intelligence community was asleep at the switch and missed an amazing potential.

“(Jürgen) Mossack was born in Germany in 1948. He moved to Panama with his family in the early 1960s, according to his law partner.

320px-Jurgen_Mossack(By Jandrade97 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=40133127)

“Mossack’s father had been a member of the Waffen-SS, the notorious armed wing of the Nazi Party during World War II, according to U.S. Army intelligence files obtained by ICIJ.

“After the war the father offered his services to the U.S. government as an informant, the files show, claiming ‘he was about to join a clandestine organization, either of former Nazis now turned Communist . . . or of unconverted Nazis cloaking themselves as Communists.’  An Army intelligence officer wrote that the offer to spy for the U.S. might simply be ‘a shrewd attempt to get out of an awkward situation.’

“Nevertheless, the old intelligence files indicate that Mossack’s father later ended up in Panama, where he offered to spy, this time for the CIA, on Communist activity in nearby Cuba.”

Paper Clip? Gladio?

Read more at the link below:

Panimanian Law Firm Is Gatekeeper To Vast Flow of Murky Offshore Secrets

On The Matter of Jury Nullification

jury-nullification-jefferson  Upon occasion, the topic of jury nullification arises. In post-modern thought it is typically believed to not exist and is presented as radicalized bane to our present judicial system. One can only speculate as to why that might be as it is certainly not supported by any legal history. In fact, the precise opposite may be found:

“Gentlemen, to remind you of the good old rule, that on questions of fact, it is the province of the jury, on questions of law, it is the province of the court to decide. But it must be observed that by the same law, which recognizes this reasonable distribution of jurisdiction, you have nevertheless a right to take upon yourselves to judge of both, and to determine the law as well as the fact in controversy. On this, and on every other occasion, however, we have no doubt, you will pay that respect, which is due to the opinion of the court: For, as on the one hand, it is presumed, that juries are the best judges of facts; it is, on the other hand, presumbable (sic), that the court are the best judges of the law. But still both objects are lawfully, within your power of decision.” [Georgia v. Brailsford (1794)] (1)

So, in very simple language, there you have it. It was originally understood that there were three mechanisms available to overturn an unjust law: Both Legislative and Executive authority exercised under State Sovereignty or by Jury Nullification.
Marbury vs Madison (1803) (2) created a fourth method (previously unheard of and NOT expressly authorized by the Constitution) called “Judicial Review.” (3)

And then, it gets a bit more complicated: “[I]n 1895 in Sparf v. United States, the Court said that courts need not inform jurors of their de facto right of juror nullification although jurors’ inherent right to judge the law remains unchallenged.” (4)

“In the courts of the United States, it is the duty of the jury, in criminal cases, to receive the law from the court, and to apply it as given by the court, subject to the condition that, by a general verdict, a jury of necessity determines both law and fact as compounded in the issue submitted to them in the particular case.

“In criminal cases, it is competent for the court to instruct the jury as to the legal presumptions arising from a given state of facts, but it may not, by a peremptory instruction, require the jury to find the accused guilty of the offense charged, nor of any offense less than that charged.” (5)

Some will argue that Sparf v. United States established that there is no jury nullification in federal Article 3 Courts; however, is that really what SCOTUS said? Let’s deconstruct,
“. . . [S]ubject to the condition that, by a general verdict, a jury of necessity determines both law and fact as compounded in the issue submitted to them in the particular case.” SCOTUS is very clearly saying “by a general verdict,” meaning by the established precedence, “jury . . . determines both law and fact as compounded (meaning intermixed) in the issue submitted to them . . . .” So, it is valid to presume, based on their own language, that SCOTUS said if the “law” element within the admixture of the “compound” were viewed as flawed, then the entire “compound” was flawed. I cannot see where anyone could properly assert otherwise.

After adding this to your “data base,” in the future, when anyone elects to challenge the existence of jury nullification, you might have a word in your mouth. Please comment as you like.

(1) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgia_v._Brailsford_1794
(2) http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marbury_v._Madison
(3) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judicial_review
(4) http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sparf_v._United_States
(5) http://supreme.justia.com/cases/federal/us/156/51/


The Fuss Over Zika and Mosquito Control (Updated!!)


All this is quite interesting to this writer (from an analytical point-of-view of course). The latest “HooRah,” WHO, Pandemic scare seems to be focused on this “insidious” Zika virus (with its purported “association” with Microcephaly) and the now, seeming hysterically driven, mosquito (vector) control programs along with an amazing amount of “emergency funding” ($1.8 B) (also to “encourage” BigPharma to “discover” a new vaccine). But, for the purpose of this examination, let’s just focus on vector control, which reportedly is using particular Larvicide products such as “VectoBac.” VectoBac 12AS Biological Larvicide Aqueous Suspension lists the following ingredients: https://drive.google.com/…/0B0vNY24fkkHTRmpTNWZ…/view… (1)

Okay, having clicked on the link and viewed the data, let’s now examine “Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti), a group of bacteria used as biological control agents for larvae stages of certain dipterans. Bti produces toxins which are effective in killing various species of mosquitoes, fungus gnats, and blackflies, while having ALMOST no effect on other organisms. Indeed, this is one of the major advantages of B. thuringiensis products in general is that THEY ARE THOUGHT to affect few nontarget species.” (2) (emphasis added)

Now, where have we heard this “bacillus thuringiensis” before? Oh! That’s right:

“When U.S. regulators approved Monsanto’s genetically modified ‘Bt’ corn, they knew it would add a deadly poison into our food supply. That’s what it was designed to do. The corn’s DNA is equipped with a gene from soil bacteria called Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) that produces the Bt-toxin. It’s a pesticide; it breaks open the stomach of certain insects and kills them.

“But Monsanto and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) swore up and down that it was only insects that would be hurt. The Bt-toxin, they claimed, would be completely destroyed in the human digestive system and not have any impact on all of us trusting corn-eating consumers.

“Oops. A study just proved them wrong.

“Doctors at Sherbrooke University Hospital in Quebec found the corn’s Bt-toxin in the blood of pregnant women and their babies, as well as in non-pregnant women.(Specifically, the toxin was identified in 93% of 30 pregnant women, 80% of umbilical blood in their babies, and 67% of 39 non-pregnant women.) The study has been accepted for publication in the peer reviewed journal Reproductive Toxicology.

“According to the UK Daily Mail, this study, which ‘appears to blow a hole in’ safety claims, ‘has triggered calls for a ban on imports and a total overhaul of the safety regime for genetically modified (GM) crops and food.’ Organizations from England to New Zealand are now calling for investigations and for GM crops to be halted due to the serious implications of this finding.” (3)

Next on the ingredient list, we find PROXEL GXL. Although listed amount as only .10% it’s still important to note: “Corrosive to eyes, skin and mucous membranes, Possible skin sensitizer” (4) Also, “Inhalation: Repeated inhalation exposure may cause impairment of lung function and permanent lung damage.” (5) It gets more interesting so please read the reference.

Then, finally, we come to the remaining 88.29% that is simply labeled, “Trade Secret – Other Ingredients – withheld as Trade Secret” (6) Please feel free to arrive at your own conclusion with respect to that while also bearing in mind that VectoBac is NOT a chemical product, it is a biological one.

So, why does this all seem quite suspicious? Well, the evidence seems to be “heating up” and we’ll continue to pull on this thread to see what else unravels.

(1) http://www.sccgov.org/sites/vector/Documents/VEC12ASm.pdf
(2) http://en.wikipedia.org/…/Bacillus_thuringiensis…
(3) http://articles.mercola.com/…/dangerous-toxins-from-gmo…
(4) http://formosa.msdssoftware.com/…/A3400760F10D40B9AF882…
(5) ibid
(6) http://www.sccgov.org/sites/vector/Documents/VEC12ASm.pdf


It appears that we were on the right track albeit perhaps in a slightly different direction:

“A report from the Argentine doctors’ organisation, Physicians in the Crop-Sprayed Towns, challenges the theory that the Zika virus epidemic in Brazil is the cause of the increase in the birth defect microcephaly among newborns.

“The increase in this birth defect, in which the baby is born with an abnormally small head and often has brain damage, was quickly linked to the Zika virus by the Brazilian Ministry of Health. However, according to the Physicians in the Crop-Sprayed Towns, the Ministry failed to recognise that in the area where most sick people live, a chemical larvicide that produces malformations in mosquitoes was introduced into the drinking water supply in 2014. This poison, Pyriproxyfen, is used in a State-controlled programme aimed at eradicating disease-carrying mosquitoes.” (1)

So, it appears that they may have”rolled the dice” by putting Pyriproxyfen in the drinking water…

“Pyriproxyfen was not evaluated in the first edition of the Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality, published in 1984, in the second edition, published in 1993, or in the addendum to the second edition, published in 1998. In the third edition of the Guidelines, a guideline value of 0.3 mg/litre was established for pyriproxyfen in drinking-water.” (2)

(1) http://www.march-against-monsanto.com/doctors-name-monsantos-larvicide-as-cause-of-brazilian-microcephaly-outbreak/
(2) http://www.who.int/water_sanitation_health/dwq/chemicals/Pyriproxyfensum.pdf