The Dark Side of Coca-Cola’s Healthy Brands

The Dark Side of Coca-Cola’s Healthy Brands

“[C]ompanies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Kellogg have joined forces with Monsanto to bankroll efforts aimed at keeping Americans from knowing which foods contain GMOs. And they’ve used money from sales of their natural brands to help finance the effort.”

All this diversification smells oddly like what happened with the tobacco industry some years ago when “tobacco science” (and the FDA) held the other science (and consumers) at bay until the industry could become well variegated and be able to weather the storm of reduced revenues (and civil penalties) from their primary products. All this, of course, included the creation of a “tobacco settlement fund,” the largest product liability settlement in history solely underwritten by company profits, not funds out of CEOs’ pockets (or any criminal sanctions applied).

“The settlement left the tobacco industry immune from future state and federal suits” ( essentially allowing them to continue business as usual. Are we witnessing the spin-up to another “dodge the bullet” event by the likes of Monsanto, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Kellogg, et al?

Does the “Affordable Care Act” (ACA) figure into this?

“Mike Moore, (Mississippi) attorney general, filed the first state lawsuit against big tobacco . . . . (He) argued that tobacco companies should pay for medical bills, and eventually the courts agreed.” (ibid) Can all the perpetrators (and governments) assert that since there is now “Affordable Care” available to everyone, any product liability should be reduced, eliminated, or simply applied to “other priorities?” Would another “no strings attached” settlement merely funnel cash into the general funds of the states as it did with the tobacco settlement and (beyond the propaganda otherwise) as do “revenues” from all state lotteries?

Is this one of the agenda of the ACA?

Only time will tell.


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