DNR (Department of Natural Resources) throws a Hail Mary

Familiarize yourself with the story outlined in the video playlist. This information transcends even the plight of all small farmers and extends to each of us desiring to live a rural lifestyle and have access to locally produced, organic food. If one looks closely within the state and local governments, (s)he will find the presence of ICLEI (search it). ICLEI is an arm of UN Agenda 21 (“global sustainability). As an NGO they produce “model legislation” and influence administrative rules with the purpose of implementing “equitable social justice” at the expense of individual choice and personal property.

It’s a huge, well-planned, and well executed operation that is best countered at the local level. Inform yourself of their methods so you can learn to identify them and their activities allowing you to counter them at every turn before they become anchored in your local rule-making.

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