Carrington Event Exercise


Carrington Event Exercise Scenario Update (0+7 Days Compressed Time frame)


Day 0 + 8 minutes: High energy particles from the dual, earth facing X-Class Solar flares impacted the magnetosphere causing extreme disturbances. High orbiting satellites, particularly those in geosynchronous orbit were disabled. These satellites included cable TV relay, GPS, and certain Defense Systems. To date, they remain off-line.

Day 3: Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) shock waves impacted the magnetosphere flooding the polar entry points with extreme levels of electrons, causing massive geomagnetically induced currents (GIC) within world-wide power grids. This resulted in significant damage shutting down most of the terrestrial power transmission systems. Additionally, a radio communications black-out occurred as was experienced during the initial high energy particle impacts on Day 0.

Associated system outages include all cellular, digital trunking, remote banking (ATMs), point of sale (POS), and municipal water and sewer systems. As a result, most retail locations, including grocery stores and fuel retailers, are locked down and shuttered. Emergency responders are extremely limited mainly due to a lack of communications and the inability to refuel vehicles. Most hospitals are operating on backup generator power, although those may be limited depending on generator fuel source.

Day 7: Numerous word-of-mouth reports indicate significant civil disturbances particularly in high-density population centers. The lack of access to food and water are contributing factors. Wide spread looting and property destruction appears common to many of these areas

Most world-wide electrical grids remain disabled with no indication of a repair date forthcoming at this time. The associated lack of potable water and sewer services loom large, along with the lack of access to food and fuel retail establishments.

The ionosphere remains highly charged at this time making HF radio communications difficult.

End of Update



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