Carrington Event Exercise Scenario Update #2 (0 + 8-14 Days Compressed Time frame) EXERCISE ONLY

Carrington Event Exercise Scenario Update #2 (0 + 8-14 Days Compressed Time frame)


Day 9: Widespread power outages continue to pose extreme difficulties for most people especially in high population density areas. Information gathered indicates the development of civil disorder with many stores, mostly grocery, having been broken into and stipped of all food items.

Also, there are reports of home invasions resulting in casualties of both home owners and invaders. These trends appear to be spreading outward from city/town centers into surrounding suburbs.

Day 10: A national security emergency declaration has been issued. Access and usage of all interstate highways have been restricted to only governmental and military use by executive order.

Day 11: Presently, most urban centers can best be described as being in total chaos. Red Cross and FEMA Mobile Emergency Response Support assets were quickly overwhelmed by extremely large numbers of people searching for food, water, medical attention, and comfortable shelter.

Available public safety personnel have been concentrated around the perimeters of these locations, augmented with local National Guard assets. Presently, access to these facilities has been restricted.

Day 12: ARES and RACES are now in full operation providing local and distant communications. These are providing near-real-time situation reporting both nationally and internationally.

As the result of these system activations the daily 10 Meter Net Meet has been superseded and therefore canceled.

Conditions in more rural reporting areas indicate a greater level of stability in those areas; however, access to food is still problematic for many. Communications from these locations will be monitored closely for any signs of further degradation.

Day 14: Fuel released from strategic reserves has begun to arrive in specific, limited areas in each state in order to facilitate public service and emergency medical operations.

It’s been learned that most of the state and national leadership moved to undisclosed, secured facilities early on following the onset of this event.

Most world-wide electrical grids and public communications remain disabled with no indication of a repair date forthcoming at this time.

End of Update



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