What Few Want To Hear

Unfortunately, as someone very close to me quite insightfully pointed out recently, Americans no longer have the inner strength and resolve they had at one time. And even if they did, the numbers of truly active people would not exceed 15%.

It was only 10-15% who actively participated (in one way or another) in the American Revolution. While that minority accomplished something never before seen, it didn’t take long for myopia, lethargy, and corruption contained within the remaining 85% to begin undoing those amazing things, gradually burying the initiative of that 15 % who, in their advanced ages, could merely sit by and watch.

Sadly, such a wonderful opportunity for mankind was incrementally and systematically disassembled. Even sadder that most people today don’t even have a clue.

Oh, but they’ll sit around and brouhaha about being “a Democrat!” or “a Republican!” And how “It’s all the others fault!” And “This time, we’ll get (insert name of the flavor of the day politician) in there and (s)he’ll straighten all this out!”


People actually still believe in this crap? But, I suppose that’s understandable because they are part of that perennial 85% who have always and will continue to behave that way and inflict their will on the outnumbered minority who actually know better.
Hey?? Republics were supposed to protect that 15 % against the wild and crazy actions of the majority!

What’s that you say? You know you’re absolutely right. That’s one of the things that, in practice, incrementally changed. Now, we’re a “Democracy” where the majority lords over the minority and the 15% no longer have protections.