Religion? Racism? Hate? Politics? What’s Really Going On In Syria and Environs?

political-map-of-syriaThe Main-Stream (Corporate) Media displays issues of religious “factionalism,” hate, and “racism” as the causative factors of conflict in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, et al and directly or indirectly endorses the involvement of the United States Government. Is this an accurate portrayal? Probably not. More likely is the “usual suspect” called “economic realities.”

A recent report from the AlertsUSA Threat Journal in part states,

As previously reported by AlertsUSA, major new oil and gas pipelines being constructed in Syria, the resulting trillions of dollars in energy revenues and the pockets into which those revenues flow, will be decided by the outcome of the Syrian conflict. It will either be the U.S. and it’s allies, or Russia, their state run gas company Gazprom and their allies. In this light, it should be no surprise why the Arab Gulf states have offered to fund a U.S. military campaign in Syria.

They immediately focus on the oil and gas industry as a primary motivator for both the regional conflict and the United States Government interest and intended involvement in Syrian affairs. But, is this a case in isolation? AlertsUSA continues,

We can add to this the massive oil and gas fields discovered in 2009 off the coast of Israel. Historically an importer of oil and gas, Israel will soon become an energy exporter and a major player in the world oil and gas market.

This would seem to expand one’s perspective a bit, especially when a broader view is obtained such as the one provided by this image:


Now, does a better picture comes into view? Is there a better understanding of the situation that has cost hundreds of thousands of civilian lives and will continue to do so? This PBS video segment goes into greater detail:

Finally, AlertsUSA further explains,

As for domestic reasons, the simple undeniable fact is that the U.S. government needs another war in order to justify the ongoing printing of money. If not, the government is immediately broke. The printing must continue in order to fund the extraordinary levels of deficit spending, the servicing of existing debt and the government’s purchases of their own treasuries since foreign buyers are rapidly drying up. This is over and above the need to deflect the public’s attention from the worsening domestic economy.

So, in response to the opening question, the old mantra of religion, racism, hate, and politics constantly paraded before The People is yet another distraction from the central issue of geopetrol-corporate expansion and profit, which is inextricably linked to the rapidly eroding economic conditions based on the the ponzi scheme of centralized banking and (fictional) fiat currency creation.

With all this in mind, some very difficult questions come into view. Is it morally supportable to sacrifice countless lives and violate the sovereign rights of other People in order to expand the reach of natural resources? Is it morally supportable to constantly expand military involvement, expend multi-million dollar weapons, and sacrifice the lives of the men and women serving in the armed forces just so that more multi-million dollar weapons systems, along with the millions of barrels of petroleum required to support such far-ranging actions, can be produced and consumed in the attempt to stabilize what is probably already a doomed economic model? And, perhaps most critical to ask, are we willing to attempt to cling to our own personal “stations” in life, our economic lives, at the cost of all of the above?

Is it time for us to put on our “big boy and girl pants,” finally say enough is enough and be willing to step forward, as difficult as it would be, essentially jettisoning much of what we presently have and embark into a new reality? Only we can answer these questions. Just bear in mind that it is ultimately our Sons and Daughters who will experience and deal with the decisions that we make today.